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Grote Postweg (Asia Afrika Street)



The street divide Bandung city in two section; North of Bandung and South of Bandung. It was named after the Asia-Afrika conference which was held in Bandung back in the 1950s. Asia Afrika street is the part of Grote Postweg. The Grote Postweg (The Great Post Road) was constructed in 1808, as order of Governor General Daendles, with more than 1,000 km long and connected the westernmost of Java Island, Anyer with the easternmost of Java Island, Panarukan.



Asia-Afrika Street

Taken from the top of BRI tower building. The art deco building in  the middle of the photo is Savoy Homann Hotel, which was built in 1917.


T-intersection Between Asia Afrika Street and Braga Street




Taken from the same position. The big building in the background of Merdeka Building is BRI tower building. The composition of the building in Asia afrika street is still the same but of course currently the traffic is more crowded than the past.


Gedung Merdeka (Merdeka Building)

This building was the place where the historical Asia Africa Conference held in 1955. That was the first ever conference of non-aligned nations from Asia and Africa Continents and attended by many world's leaders.




Preanger Hotel

                                           1890                                                                         1930         


This historical hotel also has art deco style of building




Asia Africa Monument at Simpang Lima (five-way intersection).

This monument is located in the end of Asia Afrika Street. It was made as the symbols of the brotherhood among Asia and Africa nations. Simpang Lima Intersection connects Asia Afrika St., Gatot Subroto St., Ahmad Yani St., and Karapitan St.