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All About Bandung...

Bandung, Euy !
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  Bandung Impression: The Forgotten City awaits to be re-discovered  
  One of my friend from Australia has been living in Bandung since 2002.. You can read his interesting impression of bandung on this page..  
Mountain Range Around Bandung
The city is high on the Parahyangan plateau in the middle of West Java..
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Great Resource of  Bandung Map..  

Wanna see old 1933 Bandung map or detail map of Bandung nowadays? Click this page to have all of those information...!

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west java

Parahyangan (priangan/preanger) is another name for West Java province...

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Gedung Sate

Wilujeng Sumping...

This homepage is dedicated to everybody who cares about Bandung or wants to know more about the city.

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Bandung, Euy!
Bandung is the capital city of West Java Province, Indonesia. It is located about 180 km southeast of Jakarta. It is situated on...
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From this homepage you'll see new interesting pictures of Bandung City.

Beside those pictures, you'll see also many old photos of Bandung (1925-1936).

Just to show you the difference between "Bandoeng Tempo Doeloe" and Bandung in this present time.

History of Bandung
The city history dates from 1488 when the first reference to Bandung exists...
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image gallery
Gedung Sate


This is the landmark of Bandung. Gedung Sate Complex was built in accordance with the idea to ...
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  More Gedung Sate...  
  Another Gedung Sate pictures from the different view...  
  Bandung Pictures From The Satellite  
  View Bandung and the surroundings from the satellite..  
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City Parks
Since the Dutch times, Bandung already had many parks which were made for...
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Asia Afrika Street
The street divides Bandung city in two sections; North of Bandung and South of Bandung...
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Old Buildings

This beautiful building is located in the edge of Braga street. You can see the elegance of this building in the past (1925) with the big banyan tree on its side. There's no traffic on the street, only...

more old buildings
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  The Green of Bandung  
  The green of trees in the side of Bandung streets..  
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Bandung Heritage Buildings
Photo hunting of some Bandung heritage buildings 
more old building details
image gallery
Sekitar Merdeka
Photo hunting around Merdeka street.. 
more merdeka
image gallery
Bandung City Square is located at Asia Afrika street, in the center of Bandung...
more alun-alun
image gallery
  Living in the past..  
  Feels the beauty of Bandoeng, parijs van java in 1930's.. another gallery of Bandung old pictures...  
image gallery
  City Hall Park  
  A beautiful park in the heart of bandung city..  
  The List of Hotels in Bandung  
  The List of Factory Outlet & Distro!  
parijs van java

Old & New Pictures of Bandung View from The Air 

Side by side comparison between old Bandung Aerial Photographs and Bandung Satellite Photos.
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image gallery

Braga is the most famous Bandung street in the past. The street that lies north-south in Bandung city center was one of city landmark...

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image gallery
  More Pictures of Braga  

These photos are the result of my photo hunting at Braga..

more braga
parijs van java

The Aerial Photographs of The Old Bandung

See Bandoeng Tempo Doeloe from the air in this page. It's so beautiful and built in orderly fashion.
more aerial photograph of bandung
image gallery
Interesting Spots

Merdeka street. This street is the extension from Ir H. Juanda Street (Dago weg)...

more interesting spots
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  Another Great Pictures of Bandung  
  Good pictures which taken by my Dutch friend...  

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